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Who... the average or typical investor?

The average investor is a working professional seeking to earn extra income to offset expenses, secure their own sense of retirement, and more importantly to gain wealth, which is defined as a great quantity of money, property, or other riches.

At R.E.I. we can teach you the beginning and advanced investing techniques, also, how to use the tax code to shelter your personal and investment income. The demand for property remains high in the 21st century due to individuals increasing their investment portfolios with real estate. The average value of a property increases more every year for investors who are willing to commit new money to upgrading existing properties, redevelop, renovate, or expand these properties. A well balanced diversified portfolio, partnered with regularly re-balancing your portfolio, can produce higher returns with less risk.

  • ~ Nasdaq Composite - 39.6%
  • ~ Dow Jones Industrials - 6.9%
  • ~ 1 Year CD - 4.97%
  • ~ Money Market Fund - 5.5%
  • ~ Homes - 7%

With an eye to future trends, rather than past occurrences, real estate remains a solid investment vehicle that will stay intact.

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