Real Estate Investments
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461 Nelson Street
Atlanta, GA 30313
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Real estate is an exciting and essential part of the global society. Those who work in real estate provide a service that affects each of our lives, and they contribute to development that will impact society for generations. A career in the dynamic field of real estate will provide fulfilling opportunities to stretch your abilities and expand your experience.

Real Estate Investments is looking for people with a combination of strong deal-making and interpersonal skills. The skills involved include:

  • People skills: High
  • Sales skills: Very High
  • Communication skills: High
  • Analytical skills: Medium
  • Ability to synthesize: Low
  • Creative ability: Medium
  • Initiative: High
  • Work hours: 20-70/week

Real Estate Investments offers an unique commission structure and an amazing additional benefit that can get you going global! Call our office today to inquire about our firm.

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